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    1. minipig Post author

      Oh no, that’s not good! You really need to contact your vet as I am unable to give advice on how to handle that but most likely it will pass through. Still a good idea to check with your vet asap!

    1. minipig Post author

      What kind of smell are you referring to? When they go to the bathroom? Pigs typically don’t have a smell unless they are not neutered. However you can also use pet wipes (the easiest and quickest way to clean a pig) since many do not like baths.

      1. susan

        A sprit of Odo Ban in the room helps. My piglet is eight weeks old, and the only smell comes from her litter box when it needs to be cleaned….I use pine shavings.

    2. Karen Hoss

      Hi, my girl doesn’t have smelly poos at all on the potty pads and the only time her pee smells is when she has had a bladder infection so you might want to keep an eye out for that. She is not quite 1 1/2 years old and has had 2 so far. Karen

        1. minipig Post author

          I just used any puppy pads I could find but my pig no longer goes in his litter box, he is an outdoor potty pig. You can often find off brand potty pads less expensive. The cleanup alone makes it well worth it in my opinion – much easier than cleaning other kinds of litter bedding.

          1. minipig Post author

            If your pig is shredding them, that’s very difficult to break! Try to place soiled paper (with her pee and poop) on the potty pads and see if that helps. If it does not and the shredding continues, you might want to find a different solution and then try the pads again. Your pig may also be ripping the potty pads out of boredom so try offering a toy or a treat stimulator or something to keep your pig distracted!

    3. gina

      mine has alot of gas, smells like a sewer. i would like to know about what could be making her gassy. she only eats her pig pellets and some carrots, apples and cherrios for snacks.

    4. Gina Woods

      is it like gas? bc mine has alot of gassy smells and i only feed her pig pellets and carrots, apples and cherrios for snacks. i would love to know myself. 🙂

      1. Anonymous

        Any fruit gives them awful gas! I stick to cucumber, pellets, and a treat of watermelon – the only time she has ever had gas was from a blackberry. Fruit makes them gain weight fast and flatulent, i recommend avoiding it

  1. Renee

    I have a mini pig who doesn’t seem to be gaining weight or getting bigger. He eats all day long and has been wormed multiple times. Any suggestions why he wouldn’t be packing on the pounds? Hes 8 months and only weighs 9 pounds and stands maybe 10″. I was ind of hoping for a bit bigger of a mini big I just don’t want the dog to hurt him playing or something.

    1. minipig Post author

      My pig is the same way. He gains weight VERY slowly (the vet attributes his smaller stature to him being the runt). Some pigs just grow at different rates and as long as you are doing what is naturally healthy for your pig, there isn’t much you can do. I would still suggest consulting your vet to make sure there isn’t any other issue but it’s rare and in most cases okay if your pig doesn’t get as big as expected.

    2. Karen Hoss

      Oh gosh, be happy!! My little girl is not quite 1 1/2 years old and is a whopping 52 pounds. I feed her the proper amount of Mazuri mini pig food and veggies and a few berries. She went from 16 pounds in March to 52 in August!! I have a nice back yard and thought it was great she could stay outside (with sunscreen) and graze and I think that did it. Now I have a girl who has torn my house up, knocked over furniture and done major damage to my house looking for my food. Be happy if your little boy is still little. I was hoping for a 25 pound mini pig and paid a fortune for a micro mini from a reputable breeder. I love her but I am frazzled. I live in Montana so we will once again be in snow and I am afraid of what she is going to destroy this winter.

      1. minipig Post author

        Hi Karen, I completely relate. Cocco has definitely gotten bigger and he will destroy what is in his way if there is food or crayons or play-doh involved! It’s tough to keep them outside at all in the winter so I would suggest a part of your house or a room that is pig destruction-free! Good luck, I’ll be there with you…

      2. Dove

        Hi everybody! I haven’t been reading or responding because I decided I absolutely had no choice but to place my BessiePearl in the best environment I could find. (Bess wasn’t the whole issue..marital, moving, etc) Long story short, I cried all day everyday without her. I drove from Va to Philadelphia to visit which was excruciating emotionally. Happy Ending = I brought her home. No matter what, she’s with me! I haven’t cried since! She is still a 125 pound brat but I love her with all my heart.

        1. minipig Post author

          Oh I am so sorry – and glad – to hear this! That must have been so emotional and it sounds like you did the best thing for both of you to keep her with you. I am so glad to hear that you are doing better and I hope you find comfort in her!

      3. Dove

        woops..I got sidetracked.. Karen, I understand. BessiePearl was ‘guaranteed” to never be over 14 pounds. I spent a fortune on her. (And several more since) She is a happy healthy 125 pounds and hates, I mean hates, cold or wet weather. I don’t know how feasible this is where you live, but each winter I make a potty area on my covered breezeway. Triple tarps, then soil/dirt, and I enclose it with stacked 2×4’s. It makes MY life way easier! Just a suggestion.

      1. minipig Post author

        My pig was the runt so he just stayed small but his half brother is about twice as big! We just got “lucky” so to speak, though we were prepared for a bigger pig. It is very difficult to have a small pig and I do not endorse where we got ours. All mini pigs get bigger than promised!

  2. Abby

    I’ve had my piglet for almost a week now and she wont let us hold her. For the first 2 or so days she would cuddle a lot but now she won’t let us hold her. Can I attribute this to her running around with my dogs and her being independent or is it something we are doing incorrectly or could it be her age (about a month)? Can you recommend any tips to help get her more cuddly or at least calm?

  3. Potential Mini Pig Owner

    How do you create an account on the forum? And can’t anybody tell me some reputable breeders?

  4. Lucy

    Hi, I’m writing from Italy and next few days a minipig will arrive at home. It’s my first minipig and i want prepare everything well. I live in a flat with a balcony, and I’m wondering if a cat litter (with kitty sand) is good enough or is it better something else as hay or grass in the litter. Could you help me? Any other suggestion?
    Thanks Lucy

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi Lucy, I’m sorry as I just saw this. You should not use cat litter for pigs – a pig can digest this litter and it can ball up in the stomach and cause serious problems. You can use newspaper (though a bit messy) or puppy pads which I recommend. Definitely not grass; a pig eats grass and will not understand to go to the bathroom where it eats.

      Also, just be aware that pigs do tend to make quite a bit of noise, especially in the beginning with their squeals, so consider that for your building.

      I lived in Italy for six years!

    2. Deb

      Hi first of all I want to tell you that your main pig will reach 80 to 100 pounds. Regardless of what anybody tells you that’s not proper. So I’m not sure being in a flat will work too well. My mini pig has outgrown the litter box and I use a P pads. My goal is to get her outside because she’s so big she’s over 100 pounds now at two years old. It’s nice that you have The best intentions. I hope everything goes well with her but the only way to keep them small is basically to starve them. A lot of breeders suggest that which is not good for them in pig.

  5. Karen Hoss

    Hi Lucy, I use potty pads for my mini pig. They are kind of like puppies or even toddlers so after a meal or when they first wake up you need to guide them to the potty pad. You can help the process of training along with praise when they potty (use words like lets go potty) and give them a tiny nibble of a green bean or a few Cheerios when they potty. I now use washable potty pads as Wilma (my pig) began to tear the paper ones up. Also I would strongly advise neutering your pet as they get hormonal and destructive. Best of luck with your new baby.

  6. Robin Shaw

    My Benson is 6 months Old. It was very easy to potty train him to go outside. We have a doggy door that hes using along with my 2 dogs. The problem is we live in Maryland and the weather has already changed. Since its gotten chilly outside he never wants to go out. Does anyone know why or has anyone been through this and if so how did you handle it?

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi Robin, I am somewhat in the same boat with Coccolino, and Karen. When it gets cold, Cocco fights going potty outside. He has now found his corner in our kids’ playroom where he tries to go! I now gate off the hall so he can’t get to that room and I will only allow him free reign once I see him go to the bathroom outside. If he doesn’t, he is stuck in his room and I try again ten minutes later.

      If there is any way for you to create a covered outdoor space, that might help. Cocco’s is covered so he will go, he just prefers not to. It is important to stay on top of it and never allow free reign unless you have seen your pig go potty or else you know an “accident” is inevitable!

      1. Gina Woods

        my husband built a sturdy wooden box out of plywood and 2×4’s and we put wood shavings in it like a litter box for her to go. she took to it very easily and learned in a couple days to go there. reward them after they use it and praise them just like training a dog.

        1. minipig Post author

          That’s a smart thing to do. Building a box isn’t too hard or expensive and tends to be a great option for pigs especially as they grow.

    2. Darlene

      My hubby actually built a little out house with a roof and taped sides next to the porch in a old flower bed so our little girl doesn’t have to get wet or cold. When it’s sunny she goes in the yard

  7. Karen Hoss

    Hi, my Wilma June is 18 months old and won’t go out when it is cold or raining. I live in Montana and we are about to go into snow season so she will no longer go outside. She uses the potty pads I have for my small dogs when she is in the house. I have the washable ones as she started tearing up the paper ones. Good luck, Karen

      1. minipig Post author

        We have only used disposable. If she is tearing them, you may want to switch to another sort of “litter” or she might be telling you she wants to go potty outside!

  8. Ashley Coleson

    I have an almost 7 month old miniature pig named Lorin,
    Recently she will eat anything containing paper or paper like?

    I am wondering if this is okay, she doesn’t really get into anything important but is it okay for her to eat the paper, can she digest the paper? Should I stop her?


    1. Karen Hoss

      Hi, Wilma June will eat anything in her way except celery, ha! I make sure she has the correct amount of mini pig food, vitamin and treats but I think it is in their nature to just scout out things to chew on. Wilma June went through a period of eating paper after she shredded it up but has pretty much gotten over that. Maybe it is a stage they go through. She doesn’t seem harmed by it but check with your vet. Wilma June has had 2 bladder infections and other than that she is in perfect health. Karen

      1. Ashley Coleson

        Yes she is eating plenty, give her vitamins every day and has plenty of treats. Lorin will rip up the paper that is give her to play with and only eat a few bites but sometimes she finds my text books and tries to eat those as well!
        I am not too concerned but i just wanted to see if anyone else had gone through it too!


    2. minipig Post author

      Hi Ashley, I agree with Karen. Cocco will often chew paper as much as he can if it has anything food related on it and sometimes she swallows it (it must be very good food!) or else she spits it out. I think if it’s not excessive, it’s okay. Obviously not desirable but I don’t think it’s anything to worry about if it isn’t too much!

  9. Katherine Garza

    I have a new born about 1 month boy mini pig named jak wilbur he is nurtured and I have had him about 1 week I to want him to be cuddly he loves to be around me i have had no problem potty training out side I work all day he now stays home alone in his puppy playpen its nice and big will he be cuddly at all ? yes that scream is scary he is quite funny though
    I to wonder did I make the right decision little piggy of mine .

    1. ashley

      some pigs don;t like to be home alone all day, if you plan on leaving him at home for long periods of time maybe a companion such as another piggy or another pet like a dog or cat will keep him company when you are not at home

    2. minipig Post author

      It takes a lot of work to get a cuddly pig and it basically involves a pig feeling safe and comfortable. If you are willing to invest the time and attention into your pig, he will no doubt give that back tenfold. Pigs do not enjoy being alone too long so keep this in mind…maybe freeze peanut butter and put it in a dog toy so it keeps your pig active.

  10. Karen Hoss

    Hi, whew! It is like having a toddler around the house. I have had my Wilma June a year now and she is about 18 months. I was so green when I got her. She is teaching me however and she has destroyed so much in the house so I have seen how intelligent they are. Wilma June was cuddly when she was little and even more so now. She is 50 pounds and wants to lay her “big” head in my lap all the time. As far as the screaming goes, you will see that they have many, many sounds including a bark. I talk to her and she responds in one of her pig sounds and I recognize them now. Love her!! I would suggest learning all you can about the mini pigs now to make sure your baby is right for you before you 2 bond too much. Also be sure to have him neutered. They are amazing and so much fun and a lot of work. Best of luck. Karen

  11. Ashley

    My mini pig is having a terrible biting problem with other animals. I think that she is trying to play (that is how she plays with my sisters dogs). She nips at other dogs and either scares or provokes them for her safety how can I stop this behavior? She is only 7 months

    I also posted this in the comments of “do mini pigs bite?”

    – See more at: /2014/11/mini-pigs-bite/#comment-124054

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi and thank you for your comment. You definitely should not allow her to bite, even playfully, as it could turn bad for either her or the other pet.

      Can you try to pinpoint why your pig is biting? I know you mentioned to play, but is she riled up when the dogs are playing or does she instigate it? Mini pigs tend to bite for a reason – and it’s not to play. There might be something going on in the situation she is uncomfortable with or she is biting to mark herself as “top pig” and to warn the other animals.

      Either way, your pig should not be allowed in the same space as the other pets if this behavior continues. You can try to encourage them to spend supervised time together when they are resting and not active. Tire her out first and then allow her to rest in the same space as the dogs as long as you are there but they really should not be left together if she is biting the other pets.

  12. Tracy

    I have a mini pig named Mayzie and she is 14 mos old. About 1-1/2 mos ago she started drinking a ton of water all day long and peeing massive amounts 4 & 5 times a day. Before this she was drinking smaller amounts of water and peeing twice a day. I asked the breeder I bought her from why she was doing this and she said it could be a UTI. She told me to try giving her cranberry juice. I suggested cranberry pills since I take them and she said that would work. So I have been giving her 1 cranberry pill every morning with her vitamin. That seemed to work until today. I watched her trying to pee this morning and it took her about 20 seconds before she could start peeing and then it came out in spurts. She then peed again about 2 hrs after that and the same thing, peeing in spurts. She has also started drinking a lot more water again. Does this sound like she has a UTI? If so, is there anything I can do to help her heal or is it necessary to take her to the vet?

    1. minipig Post author

      Hi Tracy. At this point, you definitely should check with a vet as it has been going on long enough. It does sound like a UTI and she probably needs medication to get it under control. Before a visit to the vet, I would suggest calling and telling them her symptoms to make sure that visit is necessary but for a pig with problems urinating, it is most likely a UTI. Good luck!

  13. amanda

    Hi i have a 8 week old little girl pinky pie 🙂 would like to know how is the best way to get her to be the best family pet , pinky pie seems to wine alot with ee try to hold her amd feed her , pinky pie goes wild out side .please help

    1. minipig Post author

      At this young age, you can definitely forge a great relationship with your pig. You just need to take the time and effort and work within her comforts so she learns to trust you and feel safe. Try not to hold her, just sit with her if you are able to at first so she gets used to you. Don’t try to put her on your lap; just sit next to her and pet her. Outside, it would be helpful to keep her contained in a play yard so she can’t run from you. Getting a harness on isn’t always easy or if you can pick her up and put her in that’s an option. But that way she will not run if you don’t have a fenced in area. They are fast!

  14. Ashley

    I have a small mini pig that is about 8 months old. She was potty trained over 2 months ago and we haven’t had any problems until recently in the past week. She started going to the bathroom right outside her litter box and then started flipping her litter all over the floor. I am not sure what to do or why she is behaving like this. Should i put her in a time out or how should I approach fixing this behavior….

    1. minipig Post author

      It sounds like she might be telling you that she wants to go outside instead of in her litter box. Pigs often outgrow their box and want to go to the bathroom outside instead. If this is possible, I would suggest giving it a try (it’s work, much like a puppy, but tends to work out well in the long run).

      1. ashley

        It started last week when we visited grandmas house. Its been raining and she hates going outside even if she is wearing clothing… any advice?

        1. minipig Post author

          If it started after being out of her environment I would say she is telling you she did not enjoy that change. Give her some time to understand you aren’t leaving again; pigs do not like change. You might need to keep her closed off for a while until she goes back to her normal routine. Maybe put two litter boxes to cover the space and use puppy pads for easy cleanup.

  15. Holi

    I have a question…. I have a mini and he is about 6 months old….. And I was wondering are they afraid of the dark? Oh is he just a little spoiled lol. Since getting him neutered back in Oct. the smell has subsided (thank goodness) and he has become more lovable, well I should say clingy lol.

    1. Holli

      The reason I’m asking about the dark, is bc when he wakes up to go potty about 4 every morning…… I will give him his breakfast (bc I try to feed him twice a day w/ morning and afternoon snacks) and I put him back to bed (after going potty) he literally screams. This morning for instance…. he did it so I got up and got him, the dog and myself and came into the living room. I laid down on the couch and of course he wanted up. So I picked him up and put him on the other end to get up under the blanket. Oh no that wasn’t good enough, he thought he had to walk between my backside and the back of the couch to get up on the pillow and in my hair….. Now mind you he was wedged tight between the couch and myself and wasn’t about to move lol. So I thought I would take him and myself into the spare bedroom to sleep in or try too, bc my husband would be getting up shortly and the dog would need to be fed. Oh no even though I was in the bed right there and talking to him., he screamed and screamed bc it was total darkness. So I put him in his playpen w/ the night lamp on and sure enough he didn’t make a peep. So is he scared of the dark or just SPOILED a little? LOL

      1. minipig Post author

        I still think it’s a case of your pig wanting you, not being scared of the dark 🙂 Also, he probably doesn’t need to go out at four every morning. See if you can try pushing this to 4:15, then 4:30 and so on. Keep in mind, pigs are very routine oriented so he will probably know the difference between even 15 minutes so take it very slowly. If you can let him out later in the evening like 8-9, he should be okay until 6am but you can also keep a litter box in there in case (though take it out during the day so he doesn’t rely on it).

        Pigs want to be SUPER close to you. They love the warmth. I don’t know why he didn’t like the bed but it might have been too big or new for him. I honestly can’t imagine it’s the light but try experimenting. Pigs will cuddle any chance they get and it’s very sweet but sometimes hard to sleep and sometimes their hair is just too itchy!

        1. Gina Woods

          i have read that pigs don’t see that well in the dark so i leave a light on in the night for mine to see her litter box until it is bedtime. so when i turn out the lights, she knows to go to bed.

    2. minipig Post author

      Haha chances are he is just wanting your attention. I don’t think he would be afraid of the dark but you can always try a nightlight and see if that makes a difference!

  16. Holli

    And also, now when I go to pick him up out of his playpen, he will snap at me and grunt/growl and tries to bite, why is that?

    1. minipig Post author

      If your pig is six months old, most likely he is really too old to be in a playpen since pigs are very uncomfortable being lifted too much. That is why he is snapping at you and it’s better to nip this in the bud immediately before it becomes a habit. If you can gate off an area, even small, that would be much better than using the playpen to avoid this situation.

      1. Holli

        Thank you so much for both replies….. He has a play area that he goes in when I go to work for a few hours which is like a 5’x5′ area. I do put a pet gate up in the entrance way but he has jumped over and plowed through it a couple of times. He even jumped out of his playpen at 3 months and was sitting in the living room w/ our dog and wagging his tail when my husband came in lol. And when he does escape, I think him and the dog have a good ole time lol. I have tried putting him in the play area at night to get him out of his playpen, but he paces the gate screaming. I am thinking about cutting the mesh out on one side of his playpen so he can come and go when he wants. But when I put him down for the night he goes right to sleep in it no problems…… But now there are times if I’m not sitting on the couch and cleaning the house he will either A) go to his playpen and sit and give me a grunt if I’m in there or he will sit by the bedroom door and grunt and when I ask him if he wants to lay down or take a nap he goes to his playpen or looks at it….lol. His snapping at me starts when I try to pick him up either to put him on the couch or whatever. I have to wait until he turns around and backs up to me to pick him up to get out of his playpen or to be put on the couch….. He’s a little stinker, bc the breeder I got him from said, “This one is a little stinker bc out of all his brothers and sisters, he was the only one that could figure out how to get out of the pen and come find her in the house at 1 week old.” Their mom died when they were a week old and I got him when he was 2.5 weeks old… and now he is my little 20lb porker lol.

        1. minipig Post author

          Aww, he sounds like he’s pretty good except for that! I think cutting the mesh out of a side of the playpen sounds like a great idea to give him the opportunity to go in or out on his own, as long as you have it in a gated area for when you need him contained. Pigs don’t like hands coming towards their front or face, keep that in mind. Sounds like you already figured that out 🙂 So just wait until he turns around and then pick him up and make sure his feet are all held, not just dangling. He does seem to think the playpen is his little room, his safe area, so don’t take it away. Just cut a spot for him to have access to get in and out on his own without you having to lift him. And even if you have this in that small space and it takes up much of the space, that’s okay. Keep his water bowl on the floor not in the playpen and then you can also avoid lifting him as much. Sounds like a cutie 🙂 A clever one!

          1. Holli

            Ok I just got home a little while ago and he “busted” out of his play area lol. I will never complain about him wanting to snuggle bc when he was little he wanted to all the time but once he got a little bigger it was only on “his” terms. But once I got him neutered he wanted to snuggle again. When I’m sitting on the couch and he wants up he will come and stand and look at me until I acknowledge him and then he will turn around and back up towards the couch so I can pick him up LMBO….. but he will lay along side my leg (thigh) and if I’m trying to work on somethings on my laptop he will try rooting my lap desk and computer off my lap….. or better yet he will lay across me so I cant type…… My husband kinda laughs at me bc I talk to him like a kid and he says, “Do you think he can understand you?” Oh buddy he sure does understand me. LoL

            Ok now on to something else….. what other kind of tricks can I teach him….. he has sitting down pat. I’m trying to teach him to spin, but that isnt going to well lol. And whats a good way to get him leash trained…. he is harness trained and a little leash trained but not all the way yet. When we went to AL Christmas weekend. He didnt like his kennel to much so I had to hold him all the way there and back. But we didnt have any accidents at all which I a good thing I’m hoping.

          2. minipig Post author

            He sounds just like Cocco, little snuggle bug. So cute. You can pretty much teach or train your pig to do whatever you want him to if you have patience! He can do tricks on ramps, he he can one hoof up, shake, etc. They are much smarter than dogs so remember that! I can’t believe you didn’t have any car accidents. Our Cocco is miserable in the car every time and poops and pees every time. I have to bring an entire roll of paper towels and baby wipes, it’s not good! He never took to the leash either. Harness was okay but leash was never his strong suit. I think it just takes a lot of practice and small steps with plenty of treats 🙂

  17. Holli

    My husband drove and I held him lol and on the way back the dog and him rode in the front and Oliver and I rode in the back…. it was quite hilarious seeing people drive by and do a double take bc he had to look out the window.

    I notice when I was reading everything on this forum, there was one about bathing them. I saw were it said you could use baby wipes? Will they not irritate there skin? Oliver gets a bath everyday and it gets a little better each time. lol

    1. minipig Post author

      I bet they did a double take! Not often one sees a pig riding by :8)

      I suppose there is a possibility the wipe could irritate a pig’s skin but I haven’t heard that. Baby wipes in general are pretty gentle. I’ve also used pet wipes and haven’t had any problems. A bath is ideal but a huge hassle for pigs – like mine – that are horrible in water!

  18. Amanda

    My mini pig loves his bath as long as it is really hot water. He just stands there in the water and moves his body around where he wants the water to hit.

  19. Elaine

    Hi I have a few problems. I just got my first mini pig 3 days ago. She is 5 1/2 months old. She has lived in a pet store since she was little and I am her first house. She is mostly hiding in her cage and not coming out much. when I go near her she makes loud snorting noises and backs away or runs away. My question is, is she to old to bond with me? If not, how should i get her to love me and want to be around me? I have waited my whole life to be a mini pig mom and now I’m scared i will not have a good relationship with my baby. please help any advise would be great.

  20. Toni

    Hi, I have an 11 week old mini pig. He has been o the vet and they gave him a first round of shots and plan to have him neutered within the next week. He has some discoloration on his testicles under his rear that is a brownish-orange. He also had a little the back of his neck. When I bathe him it washes off but I am wondering if this is the start of mange or just pheromones or something?

  21. grace

    Hi I have a mini pig Kibbles she is four months old. She recently went through her heat cycle. does anyone know if i can expect her to be calmer after she has been spaded?

    1. Amanda Carruthers

      When I fixed our mini pig, his whole demeanor changed. He stopped putting his smell off all the time and was a lot less aggressive. Mine is a male though so not sure if that matters.

      1. Ashley

        I have both a male and a female piggy!
        They both changed drastically when spayed or neutered! Their attitudes became less aggressive, the male smelled a lot less, the females attitude calmed down over all got into less stuff!

  22. caroline appleby

    Hi have mini pig diva it took a couple of weeks but now she loves me to rub her .my only problem is I put dog training pads in a corner I have to tape them!!! I am getting a large dog cage for her to go outside.she always tips her bowls over in my house how can I leave water in her cage??

    1. minipig Post author

      Yes it’s very hard to get them to stop knocking over the water! On the FAQ page, I have included a link to a water bowl that suctions down.

  23. Anonymous

    Had Houdini just over two months (feels longer lol) she’s smart had to piggy proof many things and just had her spayed so pig sitting atm .some things that may help owners a two bowl cat feed bowl she can move it but seldom tips it over .puppy pads and cat litter trays (we read that pigs decide where to go so we waited then placed the trays she uses them at night or when it’s raining ) she started chewing the carpet so we removed and tiled the floor and use rugs (easy to replace) she sleeps with us after I built a small set of stairs she doesn’t need to be picked up (used indoor/outdoor carpet for the steps to provide grip ) one of the biggest issues we had was the dog make sure you clean up any dog poop (yes pigs will eat it ) buy a fan Houdini will sleep in front of ours when it’s hot ) we found aloe Vera gel cools her down esp that furnace called the stomach .baby sun lotion works really well and one last thing enjoy your piggy we do


    Hello everyone, I’m Italian and from June I have a mini pig named
    Viola who is now five months. Now she weighs 14 kg (30 lb), you think it will grow even much? Thank you

    1. Anonymous

      That seems like a lot for a young pig…
      My pigs are one year and only just now weigh 15 lbs, but they take 3 years to grow.
      I would watch the food portions dry closely and minimize sugar or fats. Lots of veggies instead of fruits.

  25. Madeline

    Anyone have some suggestions about yard care? My 2 pigs are the best except when it comes to the yard.
    I have a doggy door for the pets, so the pigs get to free roam inside and outside. It’s great for potty training but it’s terrible for they root all day long.
    They root until there’s literally no grass left.
    They both have rooting boxes that they eat breakfast and dinner in, they go through training to wait for food or do tricks. So I can’t imagine they’re really that bored.
    My house has become so muddy I find myself deep cleaning almost every day.
    Any help would be amazing!

  26. Debbers

    Just brought home our mini pig Isabella. She is four months old. Our only issue is she has been a booger when putting her in her pen. She tries everything to get out. I put her kennel in the pen. She calmed down finally. Nighttime is not an issue, just during the day when I need to run out for a bit.

    1. minipig Post author

      Once she gets used to this schedule she should improve. Things need to be kept as consistent as possible with pigs so they know and learn their schedule. They do not like change so just be persistent!

  27. Beck

    I need help, we have a 2 year old micro pig, he’s fixed and generally not too destructive. He does take everything and run away if he gets the chance but he’s dropping things when asked now and getting better. He’s been house trained since the day we had him and never ever goes in the house. Our huge problem with him are that he bites my dogs tails all the time and hes making their lives hell, they were here first and he sneaks up behind them and bites them. He’s attacked my dying old dog 3 times and the dogs fought back every time get the pig has not stopped, if anything he has attacked him more – this had gone on for a year and a half. He has since attacked my terrier but my terrier has him beat, she’s small but he doesn’t mess with her nearly as much because she doesn’t allow it, though these two will also play together a lot and enjoy themselves. My other dog is petrified of the pig as she is tiny and he goes out of his way to jump at her while shes sleeping on the sofa.
    Our other major issues – more so than any other. Our pig bites. He nips and hits with his nose which is irritating but not too bad because it’s not very often. After a bite that drew blood my mom is now petrified of the pig and cannot get over this fear. He has scarred her twice but has never bitten anyone else. He is clearly trying to work his way up the dominance scale, he will not mess with anyone else as we have made ourselves known to be boss but my mom cannot get over her fear of him and won’t even look at him – he seeks her out now. We are trying to move house to give him his own room but currently I’m wondering if there is a deterrent my mom can use to keep him away from her to build her confidence around him. We were recommended a can full of marbles and to drop it on a hard floor to scare him away but the pig didn’t flinch and ripped the can apart. We have been recommended a fog horn, is that a good suggestion? I’m getting desperate here, there is no way this pig is going anywhere but I’d just like to make life easier on my dogs and my mom as life was so easy before the pig came along. He cabt be trusted in any room alone except the kitchen, any suggestions are welcome!

    1. minipig Post author

      I can completely understand how frustrating this is. It is of course not acceptable for your pig to bite and he is clearly trying to show he’s at the top as you mentioned. The pig and dog will need to be separated for the dog’s sake. You can try to get a board for your mom to carry so that if it seems he is going to attack in any way she can use that almost like a shield. It is very difficult to preempt a pig but pigs give signals right before they become aggressive. If your mom is scared of him that much, it would be a better idea to keep your pig contained when she is there. Our pig bit my niece and any time she comes I keep him closed up in his room to prevent any fear.

  28. Elizabeth

    I believe my 16 week old pig ate a lid off of a gallon of water �? the plastic is mostly flexible so I assume he might have chewed it up, so it may pass. But he has not gone potty (besides urinating) for 2 or so days. How long should I wait/ any advice?

  29. julie lynn

    I am currently looking to find a home for an older pig. I am a veterinary student and left my pig at a veterinarians house thinking he would be well taken care of. My pig has become so obese and his hooves have become severely over grown. He has become grumpy because I fear he is in pain form the added weight. I am devastated and feel extremely guilty. I need to find him a new home until I graduate (I go to school in a big city). I think with proper hoof care, diet, and pain meds, he can can become a much happier, healthy guy. He is currently living in Athens, Ga. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  30. Kelly

    Doe’s anyone know why our pet piggy would had stood over our cat and pee? It was only a small amount when they first met. We have other cats and dogs and he has not peed on any of them.

  31. lennoxd00gmailcom

    Hey guys have you ever tried cannabis as an alternative medicine for your sick pigs? I’ve heard that CBD Hemp is now a thing for animals with arthritis, compromised immune systems, stress responses, aggression and digestive issues.Well they said it was pretty safe because of the low THC, CBD hemp won’t make them high.I was reading some info here about CBD here in would very much appreciate any ideas and advice regarding on this issue on pigs using cannabis as an alternative herbal medicine. Thanks in advance to those who’ll answer.

    1. minipig Post author

      I don’t work outside the home but speaking for most I know, they stay indoors in a small penned or closed off area. If they have too much space, they have too much potential destruction to create 🙂 So a small room or space with some fresh water, toys, bed and blankets and they should be okay. Litter box of course for litter trained pigs.

    2. Cherrish T

      It’s best to keep your pig in a small area or the area indoor without furniture and dangerous items because pigs have a restless appetite and are constantly searching or cause destruction for food. A pig staying outside might meander along and investigate every scrap of litter on the sidewalk You have to spend a lot of time to correct this behavior but they are very trainable. Source:

  32. Jamie

    If anyone is having issues anywhere from connecting to ur new furry friend, issues with aggression or just want to learn how pigs WORK, I feel like I may be helpful in this area considering that I’ve raised horses, cattle, pigs, goats and more.
    I moved to the city and bought a mini pig, izzie, she was very defensive considering that the breeder didn’t handle her much. I wanted to connect with her while still keeping that respect we all need.
    First off, I’d like to express (for those who aren’t aware) that pigs are livestock. We will not get the same response from our pigs as we would our dogs. These animals live in a place of ranking. To explain, your pig is use to an alpha and then it trinkles down from there. If you are experiencing: biting, pushing of the head when feeding or while foraging, ur piglet is testing his or her “rank”. You need to immediately shut that down or else ur little piglet ( in his mind) will be the alpha. This will cause a huge problem. Learning how they communicate is a must!
    The first thing, from my experience, would be to grab ur piglets snout, hold it there and tell him/her NO! As soon as they bite at u or try to push u around. This may seem harsh but if u look at pigs in their natural setting, they deliver MUCH harsher punishments.
    To practice this, I would go out with izzie in the yard and WE would forage together. As soon as she found a spot she liked, I went to that spot and pushed her away with my hand. She then aggressively squealed and pushed back. I maintained my dominance and pushed back a little harder then she gave in and moved along. This may seem cruel but just showing her that I was the boss and she’s going to move when I want her to, shows her that she’s not in control. If she bit at me, I would grab the snout and tell her NO! Now, she moves away peacefully, knowing her rank. I am now the alpha.
    Being persistent with this exercise is crucial!
    Now even though we learned that, she was still acting scared of me when I’d pick her up. Therefore, she would bite my arm just as any other frightened animal would. But we can’t accept this behavior. Every time shed bite me I’d grab her snout and count to 5. As it persisted, I would count longer. The biting lessened but would occasionally happen. At that point, when she would bite, I would lay her on her back and then grab her snout… She would submit and then we’d go back to normal. It’s VERY important that when your done with the correction that you act like nothing even happened. Laying an animal like this, down on their back makes them very vulnerable and they don’t like it but if the snout exercise isn’t working anymore, we must move to a more extreme level without hurting our new family members. This is the safest and most effective way to get control. I never want to hit my animals as punishment because that can lead to an aggressive pig when they get older.
    Now, as for connecting to ur new piglet, it’s basically the same as a new puppy. You can love them, spoil them and treat them as good as ur kids but ALWAYS maintain the rank.
    Don’t expect ur piglet to jump all over u like a puppy though. They are very independent (similar to cats) and will love u back when they want to. This comes with time. Since these animals are livestock, they don’t necessarily connect on the same level as our dog friends so just be patient and love ur new oinkie until they get use to YOUR behavior.
    They are very adaptable and will learn u and ur behavior very quickly but don’t get discouraged if it’s not as fast as ud like.
    The best way to get ur little piggy over their nervousness is to do what u want with them like, picking them up and kissing all over them. When they start to squeal, put them down. They are letting u know that they’re uncomfortable but eventually they get what ur doing and stop to enjoy that love!
    I’ve had izzie for a little over a month now and she is fully potty trained, knows five tricks and I can flip her over on her back and kiss all over that puffy little neck without a fuss. She loves it!!
    Just know that they pick up on ur comfortabilty so if u act scared, they will know. Just act normal, even if u are a little nervous and be patient!!!
    Now with biting and damaging things… Pigs aren’t made to be pets. They aren’t use to being an in home animal so when they destroy things… Don’t be surprised! It’s like taking a horse into the house and expecting them to not damage anything.
    When u establish the ” NO” word, don’t expect to see much results. This comes with time in the home.
    Pigs are EXTREMELY intelligent but they’re still animals. Once they understand the word “no” it will still take some time for them to react to that word over everything u DONT want them to do. In some cases( just like dogs) they may never completely understand but I have to give the PIG a little more credit because these little, fat friends are very smart!
    Persistency and patience is the number one key with these little guys.
    To cover the mentality of a pig is pretty simple. They are very needy when it comes to mental exercise.
    They enjoy learning but don’t push it too far. For example, izzie learned how to back up, spin and give kisses all within five mins of learning each trick but sitting down took us much longer. She wasn’t comfortable with me pushing on her bottom so what I would do is try the exercise and if I saw her getting frustrated ( irregular oinks, pacing and losing interest, I’d ALWAYS end with the tricks she knew. Never ever leave an exercise in a frustrated note. End with what they know and give them the treat!
    With weight… I give my piglet a scoop and a half of oats, veggies, fruit and beans or eggs, twice daily. If you see their hips or back bone protruding, the pig is under fed. You need to step it up a little. Test out the amount to see what’s good for ur piglet but don’t be tight on the feed. It’s better at this age to feed a little more than too less to figure it out.
    Your pot bellied friend will ALWAYS have a belly but it should never drag the ground. For those that have read the 1cup a day thing… Please don’t EVER go by that. You WILL starve ur pig!
    Hope this post helps someone.

  33. Sarah

    Hello! So I’m kind of having problems with a Vietnamese pot belly my fiance and I recently got. She’s 2 yrs old so she’s to the size where she could do some damage. She is quite aggressive with us. She snaps at us when we try to pet her, and she’ll randomly try to attack our legs. She has left some awful bruises on me, and we have to be so careful around her. Any advice? I’ve tried researching and figuring out a solution, but with no success. If she keeps this up, we won’t be able to keep her.

  34. Ashley

    My husband and I have gotten a mini pig recently for about 2 weeks now everything goes good during the day she even plays with our dogs, but when we take her to her crate in our room she freaks out what can we do to make going to bed easier for all of us.

  35. Mari

    Hello everyone! I am so glad I found this forum. I can’t get my pig to stop tearing up his pee pads or his beds. Thanks!

  36. Darkshadowz721

    I have an American mini pig who about 10 months old. He is very nice and gentle to just about everybody. However there’s one person who whenever he sees him he just gets PISSED. he’ll start chomping his teeth posturing and sometimes charges at him at tryst to bite him. So does anyone know why my pig would hate just this one person and how I could get him to stop.

  37. John

    I have 2 mini pigs. 1 male. 1 female. The male was neutered. He got bigger. I put them out in the morning & bring them in at evening time. I built a 12X27 encloser outside for them 1/4 of it has a roof. The rest is open. Its fenced all the way around & over the top due to hawks & eagles in our area. I bring them in at night. They sleep in a large dog cage with a old sleeping bag that they can lay on. Love both my piggies as pets. Love their different personalities

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