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Mamma and Mini Pig Coccolino

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Katie and Cocco

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Katie (aka Mamma): I am an animal loving wife and mom of two little kids that is crazy enough to add a micro mini pig to our busy bunch. After living for six years in Italy (my husband Stefano is Italian), we decided to move back to the US and start a family. While we would love to live on a farm and adopt all sorts of rescue animals, we decided life in the suburbs would be best for our kids. We wouldn’t let that deter us from having a farm animal, though. We adopted Coccolino the mini pig in July 2012, where he currently lives in our house full of kids, toys and rescued Italian cats.

Cocco (aka Mini Pig): I am a feisty mini pig that will unknowingly make you snort with laughter. You may even squeal with delight at my adept treat thievery. I sometimes get myself stuck in certain situations and may require a bit of your help. I promise to make up for any mischief with my piggy kisses and playing-dead cuddles.

Please join us in our adventures. Sometimes Katie tells the stories, other times you need to hear it from the mini pig himself. The biggest question, other than where the next snack is coming from, is how big a mini pig gets. Pigs continue to grow for three years; Cocco is a work in progress for now!

~ Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

24 thoughts on “Mamma and Mini Pig Coccolino

    1. sam chell

      Wonderful videos of an exceptional pig. It’s helpful to learn that the loudest squealers can be put on their best behavior with patience and psychology. But the biggest complaint about mini pigs that I encounter is that they soon “overwhelm” any average home and yard with their enormous size. I’m constantly looking for assurances that a pig promised to remain small (like Cocco) will actually be of small spaniel size after its 3rd year. But they all seem to be 150 pounds and larger! I simply don’t wish to become attached to a pet I can’t keep (or board). It would be helpful to have references to Cocco’s age at the time of each video. You don’t see 3 year olds on Youtube.

      1. minipig Post author

        Thanks so much for that feedback. I will make a point to add Cocco’s age at the time of each video (I just have to remember!).

        It is impossible to know how big a pig will get and it is good of you to recognize that and the fact that they grow for three full years. Cocco is certainly small for a mini pig but I have no idea how big he will be in another year and a half (he is about 1.5 now).

        My advice is if you wouldn’t be able to maintain a bigger pig, it’s best to find a more reliably sized pet since even the smallest mini pigs can get way bigger than anticipated. They are also lots of trouble so I can’t imagine what will happen in our house if Cocco does get that big 🙂 Thanks again for your comment!

  1. Danielle Forgione

    Hi there I just found your blog. We have 6 kids and a mini Juliana pig named Petey. Petey is 8 months old. Petey has a Facebook page it’s Petey (the pig) forge… We also live in ny. How old is coco?

    1. minipig Post author

      How wonderful! Your house must be very busy. I’ll look Petey up. Cocco is not quite six months. Thanks so much for visiting. I’d love to hear more so feel free to email me!

  2. Danielle Forgione

    Wow Cocco looks very small. How big is he? What diet is he on? Please do check out Petey’s Facebook page and if you can sign our petition please. We live in Ny and apparently one of our neighbors reported us to the dept of health stating we were harboring a farm animal/livestock. Petey is neither! He is our family pet! Now we have to get NYC to change there ordinance laws and to allow mini pigs as pets!
    Thank you and I look toward to sharing piggy stories (^(oo)^)

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  5. Heidi Davies

    Your blog is very helpful. We have a mini pig that is almost 2 named Rudy, my facebook followers love to hear about his tales of how much he tears up and gets into things. He weighs about 150 pounds, he loves to lounge on the sectional. He was 6 weeks when we got him and did wonderful with going to the potty in his box. He is aggressive towards certain people and there is no apparent reason, so therefore we have resorted to putting him up around children. Today being the crazy family we are we took in a 8 month old mini pig he is a lot smaller than Rudy was and was not fixed yet. He is about the size Rudy was when we got him around 15 pounds. He is going to the vet tomorrow because he is being naughty on everything. He has already had a couple accidents and hopefully we can turn him around so he is on the same schedule as Rudy. Rudy is hiding in our room because of the squealing. I look forward to more suggestions on your blog.

    1. minipig Post author

      Thanks so much for your visit and comment.

      I give you credit! Taking in an eight month old mini pig along with you almost two year old pig is a bit of work 🙂

      The biting and aggression of Rudy is surely frustrating but you are doing the best to prevent any issues, especially due to his size.

      I’m very curious to hear how the two are getting along, especially both being males and not raised as piglets together. I would suggest without a doubt that getting the new pig neutered will help a lot and creating harmony and less mess in your house (to an extent, of course!).

      I’m happy to email with you privately if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

      Thanks again and good luck to you!

  6. Lauren

    Hello. Lovely website! I am living in Italy and thought you might about how to go about having a mini pet pig here? thanks in advance.

    1. minipig Post author

      Thanks for visiting! Hmm, where in Italy are you living? If you’re in a city, I would probably advise against that if it’s even legal. If you’re a bit more rural, I would think that would be possible. Let me know and I can try to help you more 🙂

  7. Lynn

    Just came across your website. We have a 10acre farm in SW Missouri with a variety of animals. Last September I went to the sale barn to buy bunnies for our granddaughter and also came home with a tiny 6 week old piglet. We named him Smokey Joe, he is the coolest pet. He house trained quickly and has his own large crate he sleeps in and stays in when we are not home, all we have to domes tell him to go to his box and he does. We also have a 6yr old Scottish terrier in the house, most of the time they do well together but there are some jealousy issues. At a year old Smokey is about 18lbs and he loves to cuddle. I bath him weekly and he usually dollars during his bath. He is food obsessed but we try to be careful of what he gets. We are constantly amazed at how easily he learns new things. I am a registered vet tech and neutered him myself. We are really attached to him and enjoy his antics.

    1. minipig Post author

      This is so nice to read and how wonderful to have a farm with that much acreage! I would love that. Smokey Joe sounds like a great pet. I can’t believe he lets you bathe him 🙂 Thank you for your visit and for sharing!

  8. Bobbi

    I have 4 kids and we just got a mini pig named LuLu. We have only had her about a week. Her first day with us, I thought I made a huge mistake after hearing her squealing all night. She is doing better with the squealing, just when we pick her up but it quickly stops. We are working on potty training her, but she seems to have major anxiety on going in the litter box. I would like to have her potty trained outside, but the leash scares her too. Any suggestions on getting her potty trained would be much appreciated!

    1. Sheena

      Hi Bobbi
      If she is still young she is just like a puppy! She is wining in the night because she wants to play most likely. If you don’t want to encourage bad behavior I suggest steady bed time and wake up so she knows she schedule and doesn’t get scared you aren’t coming back to feed her.
      My piggy trusts me to put on her harness after feeding her a treat and praising her once its on. “harness, good girl harness on” is what I say. My husband still has a hard time though, he isn’t as patient as me!
      It took six months for my girl to be properly potty trained. I use newspaper on a shoe pan the kind you use for winter boots. Piglets do not have control until they are older but will eventually want to go in the same place. At first mine would get on the couch and suddenly want to get off but could not because she was scared to jump and would have an accident. Not her fault! Bringing the pig to her pee spot and saying “go pee good girl” also say “go pee” while she is peeing every time so she knows what that phrase means. My piggy even uses one corner of the yard and refuses to poo inside.
      I had these same problems with my piggy because she came from a farm at 6 months and didn’t have proper bonding in early stages. She was nervous of being touched held or picked up. She is 1.5 now and much more trusting and cuddly and getting more loving every day. She loves a steady schedule and consistent rules. If you have kids i’m sure this sounds familiar. I hope you can stick with your piggy I’ve found it challenging but rewarding too.

  9. Bobbi

    One more thing!! She seems to have just a little squeak she does occasionally. She’s not mad. I’m not sure what it means? Any thoughts?

  10. Michaeln

    My mini pig is peeing a lot. When you hold him. And it’s about every 10 min. He seems really bloeted. And white stuff comes out of his penis and he is fixed. what is rong? He is 6 weeks old.

  11. caroline appleby

    Hi my miss diva is 7 weeks old have a question I put training pads down if I don’t tape them she tears them up so now putting a little box hope she don’t push it up.And another thing she is always tipping her food and water help.I am getting a large dog cage for her how would I make sure she will not tip her water over ????????

    1. minipig Post author

      See the FAQ page for a good water bowl with a suction bottom. It’s not foolproof but it is better than any other bowl I’ve found!

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